10 Delightful Stress Relief Activities For Introverts

If you’re an introvert like me, you know how refreshing it is to spend time alone after a long day at work, school or family gatherings.

These things can be especially draining on an introvert soul!

To me, every longer social gathering is a small challenge. It’s not like I don’t like people – I just get very tired by social communication.

And it also happens very soon!

A few hours in and I am impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get out. Again – it’s not because I don’t like people or feel superior to anyone – I just need to recharge my batteries by being in silence, and alone.

Needless to say, one of the worst things for me is social drama and conflicts. I can’t last 5 minutes in these.

If you’re an introvert like me (and especially) if you tend to be anxious too, a carefully planned self care is simply a must.

While there are a lot of ways to relieve your stress, as an introvert, you may find that a lot of them involve some kind of social interaction but it doesn’t mean you should force yourself doing something you don’t like.  

Here are my favorite ways to decompress and relieve stress when I want to be with my own company or take a break from social interactions. 

All these activities can be done by yourself and they are perfect for introvert-style stress relief. 

1. Gardening or taking care of home plants.

An incredibly therapeutic and calming way to spend time alone, focus on something, be with nature and clear out your head.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by beautiful plants and terrariums, watering them, misting, pruning, wiping their leaves, and then resting in a green, refreshing urban jungle.

2. Going for a long walk (if you have a dog, it’s a bonus).

Walking is one of the best stress relief activities for introverts.

A win-win situation for your body and soul – a walk is a great way to get some exercise and clear out your head.

Just pop in your headphones and enjoy this completely free stress relief activity that’s available right here and now.

3. Daydreaming or imagining yourself in positive & pleasant situations.

If you don’t want to do anything and feel tired or a little lazy (which is absolutely ok!), tune into your imagination.

Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe slowly and imagine yourself in amazing places or pleasant scenarios.

It’s a very simple, meditative introvert activity (or should I say exercise) that can also be used to inspire yourself for changes.

In that case, imagine yourself being the kind of person you want to be.

4. Cleaning, organizing & decluttering your life.

Decluttered life means less stress overall.

It may feel daunting to declutter if you’re already stressed but doing a few cleaning or organizing tasks can be very therapeutic.

Cleaning is one of my favorite ways to decompress!

It’s not unusual for me to get in a cleaning mode late at night and go through the whole apartment until 2 A.M. (crazy, I know).

I get a little tired but also – incredibly relaxed and satisfied after all this therapeutic work.

If you’re a person who likes tidying up, find something to organize. Soon after accomplishing this task, you may find yourself calmer and less stressed. A tidier home will give you a mood boost too!

5. Taking online courses.

These are perfect if you want to just lay on your bed but still do something productive.

Interesting online courses help you to focus on something and it means you have less time to think about your stressful day.

Plus, you get a dopamine boost after finishing one so it’s a plus!

6. Cooking and enjoying a meal by yourself.

Do you enjoy a particular cuisine? Find a recipe and try to cook yourself a perfect dinner.

I really like Italian food and there’s nothing better than making a bowl of homemade pasta and simply eating alone.

No talking, no phones, no TV – just a relaxing dinner with your favorite meal.

7. Writing in a thought or anxiety journal.

I’m a huge mental health advocate and anxiety / thought journals are the core of Worthy Minds.

Nothing is as calming as a quick write down / reframing of your thoughts.

Many times we exhaust ourselves just because we’re stewing in some made-up beliefs we’ve created in our head. It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way.

You can live a happier life even if you’re constantly tired, stressed or anxious.

Your mindset has the key to either positive or negative feelings and it’s your decision which will overcome your life.

If journaling is not for you, another similar & very mindful activity is coloring! Adult coloring books have become really popular lately and all you need for a relaxing afternoon is just some designs you like and coloring pens!

8. Making a vision board.

A vision board can help you distract your mind, destress and also create a vision of how you want to live your life.

Creating such a board is easy and fun! It’s also great if you’re looking for more creative introvert activities.

You can buy a simple cork or magnetic board and attach quotes, photos, challenges, goals, and affirmations that reflect the idea of your dream life.

Hang it in your room and you will have a beautiful motivational spot to inspire you to achieve your dreams every day.

9. Enjoying a warm bath.

Simple, cheap and requires zero social interaction. Put in some sea salt, grab a cup of tea, turn on Netflix and simply relax for a while.

10. Creating a music playlist.

Since headphones are one of the introverts best friends, creating new playlists can be a perfect way to relax.

I love creating playlists for different activities so I can enjoy a different musical setting whenever needed.

For example, there’s a calming nature sounds playlist to use before sleep, a more energetic cleaning playlist, zen music for meditation and similar.

The main point of relaxing introvert activities is to deeply enjoy your own company. I hope this list gave you a few ideas of how to do just that.

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