How To Take Action In Your Business

Taking action doesn’t have a direct dollar figure on it. It definitely may not look as shiny and nice as a dollar bill and it certainly is not as fun of a topic as “I filled up my coaching program!”

However, taking action is one of the number one things I see holding back entrepreneurs. And why do people hesitate on taking action? Well its simple: Fear. That 4 letter word can leave you feeling paralysed and, quite frankly, if you let it overcome you, it can stop you right in your tracks. Ideas are easy to talk about, it is easy to “fake” the success of your business, but nothing holds more importance than taking action.

So then comes the question: Well how do you get past it? And don’t you worry, I want to share my top tips on how to take action so that your to do lists get shorter and you find your peers asking you, “How have you gotten so much done?”


I heard this once and I thought, “Wait what?” I thought I got motivated and then took action. And let me just tell you, the minute you make a choice to take action, you will have this amazing rush come over you and that adrenaline will be enough to help remind you why it is important to just dive straight in & tackle your to-do list.


It all goes back to your “why.” Often times, people forget why they even entered into the business in the first place. Let me just tell you, your “why” is going to be what will get you through all of the challenges. When your “why” is in sync, you are on the right path! And when you know your action items are in line with that “why,” I promise you that you will feel a lot more confident in taking action.


The voices in your head will distract you. Ok, I know you must be thinking, “What voices?” But we know we all have them. Those thoughts that say, “I am not good enough.” If those voices are holding you back from taking action, then while you are listening to them, there are thousands of entrepreneurs getting ahead of you by taking action and telling those voices to take a back seat. And how do you get past the voices? Acknowledge that they are ridiculous, take back the power and go take action (it will feel ridiculously good).


This may sound simple, but I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs create a plan and then doubt the plan or don’t act on it! Create a plan that you feel good about, one that is inl alignment with your goals, your target market and why you are in business. Then commit to acting on it. Sure, some items may need to be altered, but I dare you to create a plan and commit to it for 90-days. I bet the outcome will be pretty amazing once you see everything you have accomplished!


I had to do a virtual cringe when I wrote this. Sometimes your barriers can be pain-staking. But you have to get creative and strategic. Ask yourself what are you missing by not getting past these barriers? Then ask yourself what action items can you take to move past these barriers? Then go take those steps! Barriers only hold you back if you let them.


For me, I write a list of all of the items I want to get accomplished for the week and then have at them. Some people do it day by day, some print it out, some don’t. Find a system that works for you, commit to it, and create a habit of it so that none of your action items get missed! I want to remind you that you have a seriously amazing gift to give!

The world needs more women who are brave enough to take a chance on themselves. The world needs you. So don’t hold back. Take action! Even the scariest of action steps.

Tell fear to take a back seat; that is where it belongs in your business.

With Love elle

Believe in yourself, your “why,” you purpose, and remember, if you don’t take action, you are letting down someone that really needs you and your gift.

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