Embracing Your Imperfection: The Secret to Being Happy Again

Have you ever wondered what it means to really start embracing your imperfection and how this can change the quality of your life?

I know nowadays there’s more pressure than ever before to get things right in every part of our lives- to be perfect. Gadgets, apps, and advice on how to be your very best all the time surround us. But that’s such an illusion. No one can be perfect; it just isn’t humanly possible. 

To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyse vitality.

John Ruskin,the stones of venice

Perfectionists carry a LOT of emotional baggage from trying to look as though their entire world is 110% wonderful all the time. They’re at a higher risk of depression and anxiety, and hardly ever content with what they have.

When I choose to embrace the messy, flawed parts of my life and myself, I become happier and way less stressed. Maybe my messy is way messier than yours?

Could I be more flawed than most?

Well, sure, but who cares?

Not me. Not anymore!

I had reached a stage where I could fake nothing. I knew myself, all truths uncovered, every myth busted. It was time to accept myself as I was.

Amanpree singh

Accepting my imperfection means failure shrinks back down to being just another aspect of life. It’s like I have the power now – not failure. Failure and me are working really hard to become friends!

Perfectionists tend to take failure personally. It becomes a catastrophe and something that defines you sense of self. But accepting that to make mistakes is human means you see failure as an opportunity to learn, make the necessary changes, and move on. And woot, woot!! Wow, is that a way more beautiful way to live!

A good thing about our brain is that it willingly adopts any changes that we bring about in our thinking patterns.

raj rishi

Now that I am more comfortable with imperfection, I find I am not so quick to criticize and judge others. And that makes me a much better friend, daughter and sister. I am much less likely to blow my fuse at trivial things, and I find I cut people more slack. Overall, I can say my relationships are calmer and more rewarding. 

As I came to accept my flaws and quirks (of which there are many), I am less likely to be hard on myself when I make a mistake. Perfectionists are usually their own harshest critics, and my self-esteem was fragile and easily crushed. 

Acknowledgment of my inability to be anything but me means I am less likely to feel guilty or ashamed when I make a mistake or don’t reach my goals as soon as I might have liked. 

Imperfection is the main thing of being a human. It’s how we learn and progress that can connect us. I have no doubt that gracefully accepting the ebbs and flows of life has made happier, mylife that much more enjoyable.

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