8 Badass Benefits Of Waking Up Early!

Do you feel as if 24 hours a day isn’t enough? I hear ya! With so many goals and tasks I set for myself I sometimes feel pretty disappointed if I can’t complete them all. Upping my productivity game whilst keeping my self-care regime in mind I decided it was time to consistently start waking up earlier and boy-oh-boy the benefits of waking up early are a game changer. And it’s about time we share them badass benefits on the blog.

However, before we dive deep into the marvelous benefits of waking up early I believe it’s important to address that you should consider if waking up early suits your needs. In other words, have a clear motivation on why you want to wake up earlier and what the direct advantage would be for your life.

Is it a loving gesture towards yourself or are you demanding something exterior to yourself?

Choosing to wake up earlier needs to be a conscious decision you make for YOURSELF. And not because we say it has benefits, or your partner says you should wake up earlier. However if you want to and you’re looking for some extra motivation, keep on reading… hehe

Personally, waking up early means I create the possibility to stress-free undertake a self-care morning routine. When waking up later I feel stuck in between what the jobs need, what I personally need and what the family needs all under the pressure of a ticking clock. No fun at all.

From Buddist monks to the world’s most successful CEO’s. Waking up early seems to be amongst their best habits. All of them dedicating that extra time to their own needs. From meditation, reflection, and practicing gratitude to working out, studying or even cleaning the house!

Badass benefits of waking up early:

You create routine & consistency

This is one of the most welcomed consequences that seems to occur with deliberately waking up early. And believe it or not, consistency is the hidden key to success.

Besides that, I experience this added consistency as a level up in my quality of life. It creates accountability. And consistency allows you to grow and progress in whatever you choose to do with that extra time you have on hand.

For example, if you choose to work-out in those early hours, within a couple of weeks you’ll find that by coming back consistently you’ll have built up muscle and a higher endurance, you’re much more at ease with certain exercises etc. Similarly, whatever you choose to do you’ll see that by consistently coming back you’ll progress significantly.

As much as I love freedom and no-planned days, the routine of waking up early makes my days so I can enjoy the unexpected instead of having to juggle the chaos otherwise.

Productivity boost

Another great one amongst the benefits of waking up early: having the pleasure of a productivity boost! Remember I mentioned I wish a day had more than 24 hours in a day? Well, by waking up early it seems my wish is being granted…  By being able to utilize the hours that I have more productively.

Waking up early is giving yourself the advantage of being ahead of what is coming. You have the time and space to allow yourself to mentally prepare for the day. What do you want to get done today? What needs to get done? etc.

You get to choose how the day goes!

Nothing external has power over you. Utilize the early mornings in such a way where you can create your own moment where you decide with which intention you step into the day ahead of you.

Besides all the above, if you’re not set on exactly what you need or want to do in the mornings you can use that precious time to get nagging tasks out of the way. Clearing up space mentally for a more productive day. Those tasks won’t distract you during the day as you’ve already tackled it when everyone else was sleeping.

Good time to make decisions

For some reason, the fresh morning energy is super contagious (love it!). After a night’s rest, you’re able to exploit that clarity of the rising sun in your own mind. Making important decisions goes with less effort and more positive rationality.

I believe a great reason for that is during the day we easily get (subconsciously) overwhelmed by external stimuli. From people, from emails, social media, the weather, the news etc. After a period of disconnecting (sleep), we’re more likely to be in tune with our true and intuitive selves.

A rested mind is a useful mind. Use it to your benefit and voila, life will thrive before your eyes.

Another reason why its easier to make decisions in the morning is scientifically confirmed. Researchers found that the prefrontal cortex, the frontal lobe of the brain, is the most active during and immediately after waking up. And this part of the brain is related to the ability to differentiate conflicting thoughts and is capable of arranging thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals.

Active creative thinking

Another one of those yummy benefits of waking up early! Similar to being able to make clear decisions, your creative thinking is more active. And you can use this to your advantage. By doing some activities that require that extra creative alertness and input. Such as creative problem solving, brainstorming a new concept, or writing something.

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