6 Powerful Reminders That Will Change The Course Of Your Existence

  1. Your comfort zone isn’t a place to make a home. It’s a pit stop where you should rest and recharge. You don’t want to linger for too long because you could get stuck where you don’t belong. You could unintentionally hold yourself back. Comfort is tempting, especially when you spent a chunk of your life in danger, scared and uncertain, surrounded by unpredictability, but you have to branch out. Believe in yourself enough to take chances.
  2. You might feel like you can’t do this anymore, like you’ve been given more than you can take, like the world is spinning too fast for you to catch your balance. But in the past, you thought you couldn’t do it then proved yourself wrong. You’re always proving yourself wrong – about what you can endure, achieve, and uncover. So the next time you feel lost or alone or stupid, ask yourself if you could be wrong. Because history shows you’ll surprise yourself.
  3. You don’t know who you are at seventeen. But you don’t know who you are at twenty-nine or thirty-five either. You’re always discovering new sides of yourself, or changing aspects you assumed were stagnant. Don’t feel ridiculous if you learn something crucial about yourself late in life, and don’t feel guilty for changing core dreams far down the road. You will go through dozens of different iterations throughout your journey. You’ll be someone different today than you will be tomorrow, so stop comparing the different versions and simply be.
  4. Cutting someone out of your world is intimidating as hell, even when you know it’s the right move to make, because others aren’t going to go easy on you. But that’s okay. Let them call you heartless. They don’t see how sucky this is from your side, how hard you tried to avoid this, how many chances you gave before you had no choice but to leave. Let others call you selfish. It might sting, but your self-worth means more than any rumours or a bad reputation. Your happiness should come first, and if that makes you selfish, wear the title with pride. Hold your head high. Don’t hesitate to say goodbye to the people who couldn’t care less about the times that you cry.
  5. Almost loves are only ‘almosts’ in theory. You didn’t almost fall for them. You fell for them. They had your heart. Your adoration. Your complete and utter attention. You didn’t almost form a connection. You got to know them, to see them and be seen in return. You didn’t almost get attached to them. You spent hours texting, memorized the lines in their eyes. You knew them better than anyone who hears you were only an almost will realize.
  6. Toxic humans will bring you down with them. You might stick around because you’re hoping your kindness will run off on them, but the opposite is true. You can pick up their worst habits, call their demons your own. You can get used to their treatment and forget what a good relationship means. So try to get out before they take you down with them, but give yourself a pat on the back if you make it out at all.

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