6 Ways To Glow Up In 2023 (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

Typically when talking about glowing up, one’s outward appearance is referred to. However, it really is who we are on the inside that counts the most. As cliche as that saying is, sometimes cliches exist because they’re correct.

When it comes down to it, glowing up is truly an inside job. As such, here are seven ways to glow up in 2023 (that have nothing to do with looks).

1. Let go of relationships that are no longer serving you

Your relationships matter. In fact, healthy relationships are essential for well-being because they can strengthen the immune system, prolong the lifespan, and help make you more resilient to stress. Unhealthy relationships, on the other hand, can lead to poorer mental health and even increase your risk of heart disease. This is why it’s so imperative to make sure the people you surround yourself with are good for you and let go of those relationships that no longer serve you (or may even harm you).

When assessing whether a relationship is healthy or not, think about how you generally feel before, during, and after you spend time with someone. Do you feel drained? Fufilled? Recharged? Sad? Better about yourself?

While no relationship will ever be perfect, you should be feeling supported, loved, and cared for the majority of the time in a relationship, not neglected, resentful, or tired. While sometimes these feelings can be remedied with setting firmer boundaries or improving communication, sometimes relationships run their course and you need to let them go.

2. Release yourself from shame

Shame has no place in 2023. Shame can be debilitating and is extremely damaging to yourself worth. Shame is linked to higher incidences of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

It is important to note that shame differs from guilt. Guilt says, “I did something bad.” Shame says, “I am bad.” When you feel ashamed, you’re turning inward and attributing those negative feelings towards yourself and who you are as a person.

If you’re regularly experiencing shame, it is vital to overcome these feelings to improve your self-perception because when you feel better about yourself, your life will feel better as well. There are various ways to combat shame. Dr. Brené Brown’s shame resilience theory is one good place to start. According to Dr. Brown, the elements of shame resilience are recognizing feeling shame and understanding shame’s triggers, practicing critical awareness, and sharing your shame story in safe spaces.

3. Declutter

A growing body of research has shown that too much clutter can actually negatively impact mental well-being, including raising one’s stress levels and even contributing to lower levels of life satisfaction. If you’re finding yourself constantly tripping over shit around your home, it may be time to consider going through your belongings and cutting the excess. If you’re not sure where to start, simply start by committing to decluttering one item per day.

4. Journal daily

Journaling is a great practice for a number of reasons. For starters, journaling can help improve mental health, including lessened anxiety and depression. Not to mention, journaling can also improve self-awareness, regulate your emotions, and encourage vulnerability.

5. Find ways to distress

Stress is terrible for your mental and physical health. Stress also can negatively impact your relationships both with others and yourself. This is why it’s so important to destress whenever you can. Some great ways to distress include journaling, exercising, getting proper sleep, and talking about your feelings.

6. Focus on how your life feels (not how it looks)

And finally, build a life focused on what feels best to you (not what you think would seem more impressive to others). Work the job that you love and that feels fulfilling to you. Wear the clothes that you adore. Date who makes you feel loved and cared for. Exercise in a way that works best for your body and lifestyle.

Because it’s when you start living for yourself that you will feel more centered, authentic, and aligned. And someone who walks through their life like that is someone with a glow no one can dim. The glow-up (from within) is real.

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