8 ‘Mind Flowers’ To Help You Grow A Healthier Mindset

Today is the day to celebrate your mind flowers, old and unfolding. A mind flower can be interpreted as a thought pattern or memory. Your life’s journey is still being written, and who better than to advocate for you than you, your community, and your support circle? 

Share your dream. Exchange stories with those who have been where you are or are currently making their way, taking away the lessons that speak most to you.

Become the next chapter in your life. Don’t be afraid to be the main character. Open up your heart to healthy support systems and, when the time comes, return it to those in your life who continue to celebrate you. Should they shame you for trying or judge you for being your unapologetic self, this is a soft reminder that home is also a place that will exude in the right places.

Not all growth happens during the light of day. The truth is, there are going to be stagnant days; days where you just need to be left alone to figure it out or figure out the parts of yourself you have lost familiarity in. You may recognize this feeling as a sudden jolt or a gentle pause in time.

Be it today or next week, you may find yourself choosing rest over movement—and if that’s what you need, then lean into what will reenergize your body, wellness, and next move.

Your most sacred greenhouse is you. Be kind to yourself and be even more mindful of the external and internal mind flowers that seek to disregard your presence, purpose, and expression of self. When left to thrive, negative mind flowers can lead to overgrowth, developing into self-destructive habits and reframing your reach of the excellence you naturally harbor. 

When you confront a mind flower at its base, changing out the soil that hosts its life and habits of survival, you return to a state of self-awareness higher than that you had before falling into the dark. 

Lean into opportunities and connections that will bring light to your life. Growth can be an isolating journey, and there will be days when old mind flowers attempt to ingrain into the new. Rise out of the dark on your own time, but remember that good change will feel uncomfortable at first.

When seeking discomfort, celebrate the power of you and channel inspiration from your future self.

Discard the seeds of life you don’t need. When confronted with unsolicited advice, know that you can refuse it. The authority figure dictating your boat is you and only you. If your gut feeling is unsure or uncomfortable, know that it is not rude to express why you don’t want to sail off into someone else’s interpretation of your next sunrise. 

Take charge of what you know you can achieve and graph accordingly to manifest your vision into existence. Harvest what feels right in this very moment, and let the results of your actions be your mosaic of achievement, shining or not.

Like the sun, rejection brings light to the things we saw promise in. Rejection, at its pit, can uproot feelings that make it difficult to notice the good in its arrival. When in the face of rejection, know you are on your way to higher places. Your presence has exuded worth from day one, and as a human being in this world, you bring a unique perspective that will eventually be understood, highlighted, and rewarded with small and bigger acts of kindness.

While you may not have found residency in these places you envisioned as home, this moment is a blessing and will pave the way for the places, opportunities, and people you were meant to share crossroads with. 

Find the good in dry seasons. When stillness hits hard, try to find inspiration in its lessons. Maybe you weren’t expecting your mental health journey to take a turnaround. Maybe you’re treading through the hurdles of an unpredicted layoff. Or, right now, maybe the most disruptive antagonist in your life’s journey is you.

Whatever you’re going through, take a moment to pause and reflect. Take a moment out of your day to graph the next steps and act according to your ever-changing seasons.

Tap into your greatness and inner creative. Look beyond the present picture and consider new solutions that will lift this boulder in your life.

No sunrise mirrors its predecessor. At its core, no day will begin or end the same. There will be days you may feel less confident, not as worthy, or foreign to the reflection you see in the mirror. And even more importantly, there may be days you commit to the challenge but find it hard to navigate the winds of its unique turbulence.

Maybe you’re in a different mind space than you were yesterday or even a few hours ago. Sudden changes and unexpected events can be mentally taxing, and sometimes it may make more sense to move through your times than challenge it. 

If this is you right now, know that changing your plans is also a victory. Choosing to coast instead of accelerating can aid the long run of your flight, including your ability to notice what nourishes your day-to-day—not what pulls your days along.

If you relate to any of these words, I see you.

Look for the bloom in your perseverance.

Claim parade in the happening of you.

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