8 Things Everyone Should Do For Themselves At Least Once A Month

Sometimes, life can just get so beyond busy that it is difficult to check off every single item off our to-do lists. There is often some sort of task looming in the back of our minds that we know we should really get around to doing (but are far too overwhelmed to actually face it).

However, not all hope is lost. One great way to get a handle everything is to make a monthly checklist. Essentially, this monthly checklist would contain all the things you should do at least once a month to take care yourself (and your life).

Here are eight things everyone should do for themselves at least once a month.

1. Reflect on the previous month

First, look back at the previous month and reflect on what worked, what didn’t work, and what you’d like to do moving into the next month. This works best if you make sure to write down your answers to these prompts.

Reflection is important because it turns off the auto-pilot and forces you to be more present and mindful. By addressing what isn’t going as planned, you can work towards better, more efficient ways to lead your life. And, by acknowledging what is going well, you’re able to keep up that momentum.

2. Schedule a “life admin” day

This is best done at the beginning of the month, but a life admin day is an entire day dedicated to doing those nagging to-do list items that fall under “life.” Think scheduling out important appointments, reviewing your budget, organizing your files (digital and otherwise), etc. By dedicating one day to “life admin” work, you’re able to stay on top of everything for the month ahead.

3. Pick one habit to implement (or one habit to kick)

We are our habits. Each month, pick one habit you want to start implementing or choose another habit you want to stop doing. By only focusing on one habit at a time, you’re more likely to be successful in your efforts.

4. Dedicate at least one day for doing absolutely nothing

Rest isn’t lazy; it is absolutely imperative. Make sure you’re taking at least one day to do pretty much nothing at all. You deserve a break. You deserve rest. You deserve to take some time to yourself.

5. Get together with a loved one you’ve been meaning to see (and haven’t)

Your relationships are important. Each month, take the initiative to see at least one person in your life you’ve been meaning to get together with but haven’t. Not only will this make your relationships stronger, but making time for connection is one of the best ways to recenter yourself and feel more grounded.

6. Backup your digital life

When is that last time you backed up your digital life? Exactly. This should be done once monthly.

7. Deep clean your home

This can be done during life admin day, but make sure you are taking one day per month to do a good deep clean of your home. In addition to regular cleaning activities, use this deep clean as an opportunity to get around to those tasks such as wiping down the inside of the microwave, cleaning the oven, getting around to the baseboards, etc.

8. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off that will take 30 seconds

Yes, that one thing you’re thinking of as you read this. Do it right now. And then the following month, do the next thing you’ve been neglecting.

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