A prayer to serve as guidance to overcome challenges

Divine guidance, I call upon my spiritual army, my ancestors, my spirit guides and you – help me move through my perceived pain, help me feel the love that I am. Take away and transform all of my pain – allow me to tap into my power. Send me what I need to feel whole, worthy, safe and loved. I call upon the energy of the universe to transmute the heaviness I am carrying and to make it easy for me to release it. Soften my walls so that I feel safe letting people in to support me and hold space for me.

Remind me that I am never denied your Grace. Remind me that infinite love is always flowing through me and that I can access it at any time I wish. May I feel the love that has been planted here through this prayer, and may I know myself as God knows me – a perfect embodiment of the divine. May I know that I am never alone. May I feel this shift towards light immediately. I call for your immediate intervention. Thank you. I love you. And so it is. Amen.

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