Your Body Is Talking—Are You Listening?

What if you could create a totally new way of being with your body, a way of communing and caring for it with kindness and ease? And what if, in turn, your body became healthier and had more energy and zest than ever before?

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we all have the ability to create and nourish a two-way relationship with our bodies. It begins when we open a line of communication by asking questions and truly listening to what our bodies have to say.

Here’s the thing: Your body knows what it requires to be happy, healthy, and radiant. The problem is, we live in a world which prizes the mind and intellect, a world which barely acknowledges the energetic language and potency that our bodies use. As a result, even those among us who have appreciation for our bodies can still become cut off from the connection that’s available to us when we simply pause … and pay attention.

I call this Body Whispering, a way of reawakening the energy healing capacities many of us harbor. That journey begins by being open to a new way of being with our own bodies, and that’s what I’d like to invite you to try today.

Let’s look at how we can begin this process.

Recognize that energy is your body’s first language — and it’s yours too.

The language of energy is quick, instant, and natural. It also takes a little practice to tune in to, in the same way it would if you were suddenly exposed to a new spoken language you’ve never heard before. The difference here is that you already know the language of energy—it is our first language, the one we used before we had words. Once you start to recognize it, your understanding accelerates.

How you ‘hear’ information from your body is an individual thing, so I can’t tell you exactly what to expect. Notice I said hear; a more accurate term might be receive or perceive. The trick is to not overthink it. Be curious, be open, and practice tuning into this inner awareness you instinctively have.

Begin by asking your body a question.

Your body has a point of view about everything that concerns it, including the food it eats, the clothes it wears, the way it moves, and who it’s intimate with. So it makes sense to ask for its input, don’t you agree?

To begin experimenting with this concept, the next time you sense hunger, ask, Body, what would you like to eat right now? You can ask this out loud or to yourself; your body will hear you either way. Then take a second and see what response you perceive. Be as open as possible and do your best to keep your opinions out of it! Because you WILL have an opinion on this — and a ton of judgments and ideas about what’s right or wrong for your body to eat. Simply trust and allow your body to choose. It knows exactly what it requires to be nourished and satisfied.

Here’s another fun way to practice listening to your body: When you’re picking out what to wear in the morning, ask, Body, what would you like to wear today? Then look in your closet and let your body choose. When you first start playing with this, you might be surprised by your body’s choices. You also might not agree with your body’s choices! Again, it’s a matter of trust.

Understand that your choices about what to eat or wear are based on judgments and ideas about what’s right, wrong, good, or bad for your body. They’re the product of a lifetime of being told which foods are healthy and what kind of clothes you’re permitted to wear for your body shape.

Your body might not agree with you!

The challenge: Try both of these experiments for the next three days. When you sense hunger, ask your body what it would like to eat. When you’re getting dressed for the day, ask your body what it would like to wear. Also, ask what it would like to wear at the end of the day as well!

When you start making choices based on what your body actually feels good in, you’ll notice a difference in energy levels, health, and just the general ease and flow of life.

Expand it with gratitude.

It’s well documented that gratitude has the ability to enhance every area of our lives. When we show gratitude to our loved ones, they love us more freely. When we slow down and appreciate the world around us, we see more and more beauty. It’s the same with our bodies: every time you perceive information from your body, show your gratitude. Say, Thank you so much, dear body, for sharing that with me. Thank the connection you’re building. And thank yourself — for being so open-minded and treading a new path!

Maintain your new connection.

The more you practice, the more you’ll pick up on what your body requires. Please know there are no right or wrongs here — only interesting choices. Listen with openness. Don’t assume. Never judge. Stay open and aware.

Expect to be surprised. Expect to be delighted. Expect insights that go beyond the thinking mind. You’re reawakening a connection — and once that channel is reopened, you’ll find life and living flows more easily. Your body will thank you for this, I promise.