The key to unlocking your inner GirlBoss

True Girl Bosses have something in their mind that other women don’t. They have given up the normal way of thinking in society and have expanded their consciousness to believe that they are capable of achieving anything they want.


Before we go any further, I want to clarify that you can be a Girl Boss in any and every aspect of your life. Of course, when we think of Girl Bosses, we think of powerful women who are wealthy and well known.

But really, you can be a Girl Boss no matter where you are in life. You can handle your responsibilities like a BOSS. Are you currently in college? Do you love to travel? Are you really focused on building wealth? You can be a Girl Boss in whatever you do.

Fall in love……With YOURSELF! I can not stress this enough! You will never be able to achieve the highest level of success possible if you are not absolutely in love with yourself and confident in yourself. In today’s day and age, I know there are so many women who are always down on themselves.They have body image issues, or they are not confident in the workplace, or the worst…they feel like they always need a man in their life. You need to learn that you are an amazing woman who can achieve anything no matter what other people say or think about you! For some it might take a while to completely fall in love with themselves, but I promise that once you do, it is life changing!

Stay educated

One thing I realized is that knowledge is power. With the world at our fingertips these days, there is no excuse for living life without expanding your knowledge. 

You need to stay reading books, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and apps. Anything you can use to expand your knowledge. Let me tell you that when I started watching less NETFLIX nad reading more books I honestly felt amazing! It was incredible! I wouldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t going to help you!

Eliminate toxicity from your mind.

Our minds can often become contaminated with toxic things. Whether you have problems at work, maybe you are being bullied online, maybe you just feel like your mind is being overstimulated, it is very important that you do a mind cleanse.

Be hungry for success

A ‘problem’ that I have developed as of late is that I am never satisfied. I always feel like I should be doing more, I always feel like I need to learn something new, or make more money or just be a better mom. Sometimes I feel like it’s a burden, but at the end of the day I love that I’m never satisfied. I love that I love to better myself because I am just a natural ‘Go Getter’. 

If you want to be a Girl Boss then you have to be able to want something and be willing to work non stop until you get it. And as soon as you do, you are making new goals for yourself to continue leveling up.

Remove toxic people from your life

I’ve already mentioned cleansing your mind, but guess what? You kind of are the people who you associate with. If you have extremely negative, toxic, non encouraging people in your life, DITCH THEM! You need to make room in your life for success, happiness and excellent mental health! I know it can be hard to distance yourself from your friends, but if they aren’t doing anything good for you then you don’t need them anyway.

These are the steps I took to make some serious improvements in my life and I know they will help you too!

Own Your Wealth

Claim your sacred power to lead, serve and build a legacy of divine wealth and global impact.

Upgrade your Money Blueprint


I love money and money loves me.

How is your relationship with money?

Do you nourish it, cherish it, spend time with it, tell it that you love it and are grateful for it being around?

It’s like any other relationship in your life, if you want a great relationship, and have an abundance of it you need to begin to treat it with love and respect. It wasn’t until I changed my own inner blueprint and shifted into an abundance vibration I started to see my income skyrocket.

If you have a big vision to impact and do amazing things in this world it’s disrespectful for you to not create the money that is available to you & bring your vision to life. It’s disrespectful for you not to heal the world because of your own limiting story about what money is and what it means.

It is and means whatever you choose.

I believe money is beautiful, I believe money is healing, I believe money is magic, I believe money is spontaneous, I believe money is nurturing, I believe money is loving, I believe money is powerful, I believe money is expansive, I believe money is fun……..

What do you believe about money??

What story have you created that has you earning exactly what you have chosen to earn right now? The money you are earning is a choice?

Changing your story around money will change the energy from which you create it & also how you use it to serve.

I teach people how I 10x my income from 4K a month to 40k a month in less than 90 days……

Money is at the core of it just energy, a beautiful energy that wants to play with you if you will allow yourself to receive it. Most people do not allow themselves to receive because they don’t feel worthy.

Money is a way to serve at a higher level….. ourselves, our families and the impact we are destined to make in the world and goddess no one is being serve by you playing small and staying broke.

I believe you are capable of so much more so let me show you just how worthy you are divine woman.

Women are born leaders. And to step into your powerful leadership, you need to shift your relationship with money. Money has epic healing powers when it is used to inspire positive change.

Money with soul is one of the most healing commodities on the planet. 

In A World Afraid Of Vulnerability, Be A Safe Place For People

We live in a world where a lot of people are afraid to show us who they really are. A world where “I am fine” is what people say when they couldn’t be feeling worse. A world where vulnerability is only seen to be for the faint-hearted. A time where people have never felt more alone in this widely connected and globalized world.

Yet it does not surprise me at all. If it has been so normalized to run away from our own emotions, which are a very normal part of the human experience, then how can we be a shelter to another person’s heart? When instead of trying to know what shakes the person in front of you, what keeps them awake at night, or what makes their soul shine, we just want to pass time blabbering about mundane things and anything that’s stripped of real emotions. Then it’s normal for people to feel so lifeless.

I wish more people knew that vulnerability is cool, that their fears are valid, and that their pain needs to be heard. You are not an outlier. I am sorry if society tries to shut you up. I am sorry if people don’t give your heart the space to breathe through the storms. I am sorry if you’ve opened up to the wrong people and decided that it’s better to keep it all to yourself. You are brave and you are strong and you are a person of real substance. You are a rare gem in this world because you choose to show your humanness, because you choose to speak about your worries and dreams and shortcomings just as much as the pretty and shiny things. You are real.

My hope for this world is for people to feel more heard, for people to allow themselves to be less shielded, knowing they’ll be met with more ‘me toos’ and a willingness to understand. I hope that when someone comes to speak to you about their trauma and grievance, you try to be a safe space for their trembling voice. I hope that when someone shows you the less confident side of themselves, you show them it’s okay. I hope that when someone speaks their heart out about their passion, you try to be truly interested in the details.

I truly hope that in a time where people focus on success and perfection and being admired, we might also have the ability to be our rawest selves without ever feeling less of a person because of it.

It’s Time We Shatter The Idea Of Timelines

Society has this way of making us feel as though we should be at a certain place at a certain time. This fictitious timeline of life is not only terrifying but detrimental to our self-worth, and we’re all victim to this at some point. It makes you question your own path, your own accomplishments, and your own dreams; eventually, you’ll begin to question where you fall on this timeline in relation to those around you. There is always somebody who seemingly has a better life, who is further ahead, snatching those opportunities that feel out of your reach. Who has the education, the money, the relationship, that seemingly has it all put together. But comparison is the thief of joy. We’re all guilty of it, but it robs us of celebrating our own achievements for what they are.

Bigger house, bigger promotion, bigger bank balance. The goalposts are constantly shifting, moving further from our reach as we struggle to obtain this nonexistent utopia of success. Those around you seem to be moving on, advancing, pursuing their objectives, and it’s easy to feel static, as though you can’t keep up. When did life become this race that we were shoved into without consent, our mind forcing us to participate? We question whether we’ve done enough. Our wins in life suddenly are not good enough, and the more we seek more to satisfy that feel-good reaction, the more we lose sight of what’s important.

Society is particular about the categories that constitute a win. Engagements, wealth, promotions, obtaining the big house, pregnancy announcements, they all fit. Anything other than the social norm does not. We rarely celebrate independence, travel, skills, or hobbies. It’s no wonder it’s so easy to feel like you’re not doing well enough. Life is meant to be full of joy, but where is the joy in constantly comparing your own life to your assumption of those around you? Your time will come when it’s meant to come. 

It’s time to focus on what you do have, what you have achieved, and the successes that are yet to come, because these leave us with something exciting to look forward to. We are singular entities on our own paths that simply cannot be compared. No two stories are the same, nor should they be. Forget their milestones, it’s yours that are important. You can’t walk someone else’s journey, nor should you want to, because yours will be just as good. It’s not only important to be in the moment, but use that moment to look around at what we do have with gratitude.

Celebrate each other’s wins no matter how big or small. Life is relative, and we have to learn to trust the timing and trust the process. Take this timeline for what it is—an illusion.

It’s Time To End The Stigma Behind Mental Health

Mental illness. Therapy. Medication. Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar. Suicide. Self-harm. Any of these words dropped in a conversation are sure to cause people to shift and squirm in their seats and cause some discomfort. But why? Why has there been a stigma surrounding these topics for so long in our world, especially now in the midst of a pandemic?

People have no qualms with going to the doctor for physical ailments. “I broke my leg.” Go to the doctor. “I’m really sick.” Go to the doctor. “I’m having back pains.” Go to the doctor. The same sentiment goes for medications as well. “I have a headache.” Take some ibuprofen. “My eyes itch and I can’t stop sneezing.” Take Claritin. “I can’t sleep.” Take some melatonin. When it comes to these physical ailments that have a cause that can be quickly traced back to, most people have no problem taking medication and seeking out medical attention, so why is there such an issue doing the same when it comes to our mental health?

Our mind is everything about us. We are the only person we are with 24/7, so why not make sure our minds are healthy as well? The goal for most people in life is to be comfortable and happy, and that all starts with you and your mind.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all of the “it’s just in your head!”

“You’re thinking too much!”

“You just need to let it go!”

“You’re too sensitive, you need to toughen up!”

And while yes, technically some of those sentiments are true, they aren’t really helping anything or anyone and only pushes the stigma to grow even further.
Imagine if someone you loved came to you saying they were having problems with anxiety, and instead of saying, “Maybe you’re thinking too much, you should relax and let it go,” you opened up the table for discussion and tried to understand what they’re feeling and why. Or if someone came to you and told you they were having thoughts of suicide and self-harm, instead of saying, “It’s just in your head, you need to toughen up,” you helped them seek out the correct type of help that they needed.

I’m not saying therapy and medication is a magical cure or that it’s even for everybody, because everybody is different and handles things differently. But what I am saying is, coming from firsthand experience, once you overcome that stigma and reach out for help, things start to change for the better.

We as a society need to end the stigma. There is no shame in having a mental illness. There is no shame going to therapy. There is no shame in having to take medication. Once we start opening the lines of communication with each other, we can start understanding each other better, which is what we need the most right now.