Darling, You Are So Much More Than Your Mental Health Struggles

I know. I know there are days when you feel lost and confused. I know there are days when you feel a physical weight in your chest as you try to drag yourself out of your slump. I know there are days when you question your purpose. I know there were days when you wished you were stronger in dealing with what life throws at you. I know there are days when the voices of your mind become louder than the voice of what you know is true.

There is a quote by Johnny Sun that goes, “I think people who ridicule positivity think positivity is easy.” Darling, I see you.

I see those of you who have been trying so hard to get out of your own head. I see those of you who wished they could get out of bed, but your bodies aren’t cooperating. I see those of you who try your hardest to speak life into others while struggling to see the good in yourself.

I see how hard you try to upkeep your persona  out of fear that the people around you will take on the burden of what you feel.

Darling, I see that — I see all of it. I see the frustration you have with yourself over your daily struggles with your mental health. I see the pent-up anger you have at yourself, questioning why you’re still affected after so long. I see the conflicting emotions behind your eyes, flickering between the mask you show to the world and what you really feel.

Beau Taplin wrote, “The best thing about bravery is even a little is enough.

Darling, I see you trying. I see that there is still fire in you ,  because you are still here. You are still here, you are breathing, you are trying so hard to make it day to day. You may think that the fire in you has dwindled. But darling, remember that even the smallest of sparks has the ability to start the greatest of fires.

You may feel lost. And you may have felt lost for a long time. But know that this is not your forever. No darkness, no season, is eternal.

You may not like the version of you at this moment. In fact, you may barely recognize him or her at this point. But I hope you remember that your beauty does not fade ,  even if it is not surveyed.

You may not feel your very best. You may have fallen far and hard. But darling, I hope you know that you are more than the things that you are going through: you are more than your mental health, you are more than a diagnosis, you are more than what people expect of you, you are more than your own expectations.

You have so much more within you than what you think you do.

I may not be able to tell you when you will believe this, but I hope one day you do. One day, I hope you will be able to live your truth that you are still you despite the things you are going through. One day, I hope you will be able to see that there is so much more to you than your struggles. One day, I hope that you will speak more kindly of yourself.

Here’s to that One Day.

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