God Doesn’t Believe In Accidents

God is not a god of accidents. Things don’t “just happen.” We don’t meet people by accident. God puts them in our path for a reason, to build us up or to break us down. People come and go, and we learn something from everyone, though maybe not a major life lesson. Some may come into our lives to teach us how to braid our hair; others might show us something we didn’t know about ourselves. Some stay long, others just go. Some lessons are painful, some are painless, all are priceless.

Every journey is one of a kind. We get moments full of happiness, tearful experiences, unmeasurable fights, and moments that cannot be bought or forgotten.

Sometimes the best relationships become toxic. We want people out of our life, only to later want them back. We leave without explanations. We reach out and sometimes our efforts are in vain. We hurt. We cry. We fake it because we think we’re fine. We become devastated and fall but pick ourselves back up.

We go through ups and downs, but those aren’t accidents. We weep and face problems we never thought we would. We make stories and cling onto wishes. We make plans and lay them out thinking we know better than our creator. We make memories no one can take away. They are pieces that slowly begin to make us who we are.

Sometimes we end things and we put ourselves first, but we learn. We are all still learning. We love the wrong people and sometimes we never stop loving them. They leave a mark on us. No matter how much we hurt, one day the pain will help us look back and realize our struggles that changed us.

We have to keep running the race and moving forward, accepting changes in time and people. We have to look forward to the next round of memories. Our pain makes us tough. It shapes us.

Despite everything, we try to be thankful and grateful for every chance and person that came into our lives and the good feelings that will remain in our hearts forever. We let go, even if it is the hardest thing to do.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that love is not all about getting what you want and doing what’s best for you. Sometimes it involves letting go of something you love.

These aren’t accidents.

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