Happiness Is Personal—Yours Won’t Look Like Anyone Else’s

There have been decades-long debates on what happiness is and how to attain it. It is kind of weird that a thing that is so personal and unique to everyone is a matter of debate and discussion. There is no appropriate or apt definition of happiness or how to be happy. It is just a feeling that expresses itself through our smiles, giggles, or laughter.

There is a saying that goes ”The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts,” which is very true. Our thoughts influence every single piece of our lives. A very happy moment can turn into a sad one with a whim of a thought jiggling in our minds and a burst of big laughter can turn into whopping tears within a blink of an eye. We are highly reliable in our perspectives of seeing things differently, which gives us the power to change the way we feel or act. We do bump into people every now and then from other chapters of life and our joy doesn’t come from a single source. We all are different and sometimes may love things that are the opposite. What fuels our being can change and alter, and whatever brings us little or a lot of happiness can feel contradictory because we are different souls trying to find a connection in it all.

Sometimes the smell of damp soil after a hard rain could feel like home, or on some days, the same could feel annoying. On some comforting afternoons, belly laughs and high-pitched tickle giggles could make us happy, or sometimes not even the most loved snuggles can improve our mood. It is okay if some of the things that make your heart beat differently don’t resonate with everyone or don’t feel the same every time. Days are not always favorable and kind. Some are harsh too; some way worse. But we all have little happy moments that suspend from one point to another. After all, it is a matter of heart, of joy that comes from within, and so it cannot be forced or fixed with momentum. Happiness can be seen as a pendulum swinging back and forth in our different worlds. It is yours sometimes, and sometimes it’s mine.

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