How To Become More Protective Of Your Inner Peace

To wake up and be alive is an amazing gift that we sometimes take for granted. I have noticed that at times, it’s so easy to become fixated on some of the smallest things or to become wrapped up in the messiness and dramatics of the world. Sometimes we get so lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget to really take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We tend to forget the importance of voicing our needs, wants, and most importantly, taking the necessary steps to protect our energy and inner peace. We have all probably heard the saying “life is too short” a million times, and it may seem so cliché, but it’s so true. We must learn to take care of ourselves and live life to the fullest, but also live as stress-free as possible. The older I become, the more aware I am of how essential it is to start practicing and implementing these four steps in order to protect and foster inner peace.

1. Assertively State Your Wants And Needs To Others

It can be extremely difficult to express your wants and needs in an assertive way, especially if you struggle with finding the right words to say and tone to use. It can also be uncomfortable to share these things in a budding and fresh relationship or friendship, but it is crucial to do so to cut down on any confusion or misinterpretations that could possibly develop.

The beauty in assertively expressing your desires is that it allows your voice to be heard. Additionally, it allows for you to set the tone and guidelines in regards to how you would like to be treated. It can overall increase self-worth and help build mutual respect between both parties once it is clear of what your needs and concerns are.

Now, if someone does not respect your wants and needs, then this person may not be worth risking your peace. In the end, developing an assertive communication style can go a long way in promoting healthier outcomes among all parties and help maintain a stress-free atmosphere.

2. Surround Yourself With Supportive And Uplifting People

There have been times in my life where I surrounded myself with people whom I thought wanted the best for me. However, not everyone that you meet is worthy of being in your close-knit corner. I just couldn’t fathom how there were friends that stuck around for partying or drama but became silent when it came to supporting my projects or offering a listening ear during difficult times.

I didn’t notice what effect it had on me until I began to process my feelings and acknowledge that there was a lack of support. After processing my feelings, I found that removing myself from these half-assed friendships and pushing myself into a more positive environment led to meeting new people and developing more positive relationships. I cannot say this enough – surrounding yourself with supportive and uplifting people can help maintain your sanity, giving you that extra momentum to make it past a difficult situation and foster high confidence.

3. Try To Stay Positive And Optimistic

As a child, I would often hear teachers and other adults encouraging me to keep a positive attitude, but that’s easier said than done when your patience is being tested and you’re going through a very challenging time. However, choosing to see the good in things can improve your overall mood and decrease levels of stress.

Sometimes certain events happen that are out of our control, but you would be surprised at how choosing to view situations in a non pessimistic way, sheds a little light on a once completely dark place. Take a deep breath, activate your support system and positive coping skills, and try to remain optimistic during uncertain times.

4. Allow Yourself Time To Decompress From Outside Distractions

Please! Please! Please! Take a break from outside distractions and spend some quality time alone in a tranquil environment. Although there are positives to utilizing social media, there are also dangers to overusing it, just like with almost anything in life. For example, I have had to take numerous breaks from social media to clear my mind, because sometimes you can become over exposed to negative news or seeing people with fancy things that may evoke personal feelings of not making enough progress in life.

I have been guilty of this, as well as devoting too much time to social media instead of utilizing my time more wisely. Whatever the distraction may be, it is important to limit it to not only increase productivity, but to give you a mental break. Our brains seem like they are always on the go, so to be able to take some time to hit the reset button is always encouraged. Furthermore, allow yourself some time to relax, for your body and mind will appreciate you for this. You deserve it!

Overall, taking the necessary steps to protect your peace allows for a more stress-free and productive version of yourself to flourish. If you find yourself going through a turbulent period where it feels as though there is no peace, remember these four steps and evaluate how you could improve in each area. Wishing you all the best!

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