How To Declutter Your Life Using These 4 Mindset Changes

In a world filled with distractions that try everything and anything to direct you away from your true purpose, it has become ever-so-important to resist, persist, and declutter our lives so we can focus only on what truly matters. Being fully submerged and present during a task is how you can complete your most fulfilling, creative, and productive work, but it’s easier said than done. If you have trouble directing your focus, these four changes will help you live with more purpose, intention, and passion for what you what you wanna do in life:

1. Set Daily Intentions.

Starting each day with a clear intention for who you are and what you want to accomplish in a day will help you resist the urge to mindlessly scroll on social media. Start by writing out three things you want to get done today. Make these three tasks non-negotiable and really think deeply about the few things you can do in order to receive the most value in return. By narrowing down and zoning in on only what’s truly important, you will have less time to overthink and less urge to find immediate gratification from things that don’t serve you.

2. Create Artificial Deadlines.

For our passion projects and side hustles, there isn’t always a concrete deadline that we have to adhere to—that’s why we have to create one. By holding yourself accountable with deadlines, you are keeping commitments to yourself and ultimately building confidence from within so you no longer feel the need to distract yourself with things that aren’t of great value to your time. By creating a deadline, you are choosing to take your creativity more seriously. Because if you don’t take it seriously, then who else will?

3. Change Your Self-Image.

Begin seeing yourself as someone who is hard-working, productive, and focused. Our actions are a result of our day to day thoughts and feelings; by taking responsibility for your thoughts, you can begin to take new actions more effortlessly. Over time, you can begin to change your perspective on the way that you see yourself and who you are. The truth is, you can become anyone you want to if you’re willing to believe that you can.

4. Lean Into Your Discomfort.

Oftentimes, we look for that immediate dopamine hit when we find ourselves looking for distraction from the present moment. Instead, as hard as it may be at the beginning, lean into your discomfort and see if you can push through without giving into your cravings. By temporarily delaying your gratification for a higher purpose, you are teaching yourself the discipline that will carry over into every aspect of your life. The greatest challenge you’ll face is catching yourself in the moment when you feel distracted, becoming aware, sitting in complete discomfort of the feeling, resisting the urge, and fighting against yourself. But over time, this will become your power.

A lot of the time, we distract ourselves out of fear for what we can become. We are afraid to let go of who we once were in order to become all that we know we can. To you, I say: Let go. Give yourself permission to become someone new. Give yourself the space to focus on your most fulfilling and important work.

Time is temporary. We are only given a limited amount of it. Waste none of it and do what you were always meant to—do what you always knew you were here to do. There is no better moment than this one… Never forget that.

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