I Hope You Learn To Romanticize Your Life

Life is beautiful. It is heart wrenching. It is exhausting. It is magic. It is about expectations and disappointments. It is not knowing how you will come out of its storms. “Life loves those who dare to live it,” as Maya Angelou says. Life is always unfolding and we are always evolving. 

In this life, the only thing we have in the roller coaster of life is our attitude. We have our unique perspective from which we look at the world. No two people see the same thing. It’s a wonderful thing to train your eyes to see the world’s beauty and for your heart to be sensitive to touching moments. We can create our magic ourselves. 

We often fall into the trap of thinking that our lives have to be this extraordinary adventure or else it is this mundane and boring life. But beauty lies in the simplest of things. It lies in being present and truly making an effort to enjoy each moment. 

It is when you feel the warmth of the sun on your face on a cold day. It is when you hug a dear friend for a little while. It is when you savor every bite of a meal you have been anticipating. It is listening to a piece of music and letting you take you somewhere else. It is making your bed in the morning to motivate yourself for the day. It is making your coffee just the way you like it. It is playing with that cat on the street. It is singing your heart out in the car. It is a hot shower after a long day and many more simple moments like these.

Life doesn’t have to be fancy to be beautiful. I used to think that beauty lies in the extravagant and the luxurious experiences, but life is so much more than this. It is about looking nowhere but where you are and noticing what is right and lovely right where you are. When you have that mindset, your life becomes eternally more beautiful. Take things slow and absorb your experiences. Live mindfully.

Romanticizing your life is also about daring to take risks, daring to venture in the unpredictable so that we could be surprised. Unpredictability and new experiences set our hearts on fire and ignite a new desire and hunger to live our lives and appreciate them. Go out there, try new things. I used to wait for people to create joyful moments that I could join but I would wait forever. The moment I took control and tried new things whether people were joining me or not was the moment my life became so much more interesting and people naturally started joining.

Create your world and make it a safe haven. I hope you lead a life as beautiful and as wonderful as you. You deserve to have it all. You deserve happiness and awe. Be like a butterfly that spreads glitter all around the universe.

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