If You Feel Like You’re Stuck In The Waiting Stage, Read This

What do you do when you’re in the stage of “waiting?” 

Are you waiting for the relationship to become a commitment? Are you waiting for your career to become successful? Are you waiting for the next step in your life to become a tangible reality? How do you take this time and make it productive instead of anxiety-driven, resulting in stagnation of proactive steps forward?

We all have different coping mechanisms. We all have different talents and desires to manifest in our lives. Admittedly, mine is to shut down, hide my emotions, and bury my head in the sand—usually resulting in missed opportunities. There is a fine line between speaking up and not jumping the gun too soon, right? Maybe time calls for you to be patient, as hard as that is. Fear of rejection in any area of your life can be debilitating.

Life is not always about reacting to circumstances around you. At times you must find the courage to go silent and listen to your inner voice and have it guide you to a decision or action. You may be over-giving, overachieving, and naturally empathetic to carry other energies and always come out on the short end of the stick – this happens to me frequently.  

Feeling dormant isn’t wrong. It’s a creative opportunity to reevaluate your life. It can also be so incredibly frustrating and unproductive. It can feel like your life isn’t yours, and you are relying on the decision of someone else to move forward – stop that right now!

If he is trying to decide whether or not he wants to commit, that’s okay, but you need to carry on, be strong, and never wait for anyone. 

If you have not received that promotion you deserve, brainstorm ideas to travel down a different career path – start your own business, go back to college, find a new job? Maybe you would do all of these, but you are a single parent on one income, and these options are not feasible. I can give you a different scenario for a million reasons why you can’t do something. Change that way of thinking! Anything is possible, and many people create amazing careers with little to no money. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!

Being in a relationship creates feelings of love, excitement, partnership, safety, and feeling chosen. What if you are not receiving that right now? How do you acquire it? What if your relationship is on and off again but you truly love them? What is your definition of love? Why is it so important to receive that love from another person to feel whole?

We all have basic needs, but at the core of this stagnation is you. You are the most important person in this equation. Value yourself, value your time, value your existence, and value your heart. When you start to do this, he will notice, and if he doesn’t, good ridden! Easier said than done, I know, but life will start to become more fulfilling when you stop putting so much of your happiness in someone else’s lap. That is a lot of pressure for anyone to be responsible for. Make yourself not so easy to get ahold of. There are plenty of places to go, things to do, hobbies to try, and people to see, rather than waiting on someone else. 

I will get on my soapbox and say, “Put your phone down!” 

It’s an anxiety-inducing little device that demands immediate answers. It steals hours from your day to stare at the nonsense that you don’t need. It makes you feel inadequate when you send a message, and you zone into the screen waiting and trying to command a response – immediately! C’mon! There is so much life happening all around you, not on a tiny screen of useless information. 

Here’s an idea: Pick up the phone and call if you need to hear from him—kind of like what we did in the olden days. Become detached—detached from the phone and then. It can be freeing.

Treat yourself like the treasure you are – valuable! 

Confidence and a zest for life will draw attraction, believe me.

If you feel like you are in a period of waiting in your life – prepare yourself for breakthroughs. Do not accept a defeatist victim attitude! Believe that you hold the power for great things, and you will receive great blessings. 

Perhaps this lull in your life is a much-needed time to regroup and rethink future endeavors and relationships.

Maybe it’s a time to be brave and channel that warrior energy. Maybe it’s a time to take a leap of faith. Maybe it’s a time to harness your value and allow others to come to you instead of the other way around. Either way, you are lucky to have this time to reinvest in the most amazing individual – YOU. 

When you find yourself in a moment of waiting, remember something great is about to happen, even if it has been many years like this. See things with a different twist. If you have been waiting for many years, your blessing is going to be that much bigger! Have faith and trust that there is something larger at play.

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