If You Want To Be A Better Person, You Need To Start Focusing On Yourself

I believe that one of the best things you can focus on if you want to be a great human being, leader, friend, parent, sibling, partner and help to other people is actually yourself.

Instead of focusing all your attention outward — on other people and external achievements — sometimes it’s actually way more beneficial for yourself AND the people in your life, to slow down and turn your attention inwards.

The moment you allow yourself to slow down instead of chasing one accomplishment after the other, you allow thoughts and ideas from within to surface. You allow yourself to connect with your own desires, values, and intentions. You allow yourself the time to reflect on whether the life you’re living right now is actually aligned with your own vision.

And please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting ambitious goals and/or desiring certain achievements — however, it does come down to whether or not you are actually living life on your own terms or if you’re trying to please the expectations of others and society.

As human beings, we often tend to measure ourselves against each other based on the idea that the more you do, the more you are worth.

What if your worth has absolutely nothing to do with your achievements in life?

What if your worth is actually not something to be questioned or influenced at all?

And what if the equation looks more like: The better you FEEL equals the more you achieve?

So many of us pressure ourselves into doing things on a daily basis because we believe they are needed in order for us to achieve our goal, and that achieving our goals will make us feel better about ourselves and our life.

What if that’s not how it actually works?

What if you actually ‘need’ to FEEL and BE good first in order to create the things your heart and soul truly desire?

What if focusing on FEELING the best you can feel, and getting to know yourself the best you can, will actually lead to you taking inspired action and achieving your goals with ease, joy, and fun?

Achieving certain goals will not make you feel any different, at least not on a fundamental level, at least not in the long run.

However, if you already feel great, aligned and connected before you achieve your goals, achieving what you desire will ELEVATE those feelings.

Achieving the goal is actually not what matters the most — what you learn about yourself, how much you grow, who you meet and get to love, and what kind of experiences you get to make along the way, THAT is what will make all the difference.

So let this be your reminder that it does start with YOU, and it starts with how you are feeling about yourself and life right now.

Once you make sure that you check in with yourself on a daily basis, satisfy your own desires, set your own intentions, be kind to yourself, and follow your own heart — there is no need to be worried about whether or not you are of help to others in the first place.

Because YOU fully expressing yourself is the greatest gift you can give this world.

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