In 2023, Be The Main Character

In 2023, be the main character. Stop playing roles that aren’t yours. Stop caring so much about what other people think about you and your choices. Listen to your intuition and answer the calling of your own soul instead. Ignore the naysayers, tune out the distractions, and stay focused on your own journey.

In 2023, rewrite your narrative. Look back at who you’ve been and remember you had to be those versions of yourself in order to become the person you are today. Be proud of your missteps. Own your mistakes. And, most importantly, move forward because staying stuck in the past would make one boring story. Let new moments unfold. Let your history go.

In 2023, become the love interest of your own existence. Romanticize your morning commute, your first cup of coffee, and your evening walk with your dog. Believe you’re worthy of love and then marvel at how it begins to appear in everything you do. Start to understand that love was always there; you just had to switch your point of view.

In 2023, have a breakthrough about what isn’t working and then change it up. Dump the bare minimum partner, break up with the toxic best friend, leave the shitty job, glow up in whatever way that looks to you.

In 2023, do it for the plot. Take risks. Chase your most unhinged desires with reckless abandon. Fuck around and find out. And if it all blows up spectacularly in your face, know you can reroute. Know you can always try again or do better next time.

In 2023, invest in those who invest in you and forget the rest. If you have a wonderful marriage, appreciate your spouse with everything you have. If you’re single but have a kick-ass group of friends, appreciate them with everything you have. Remember that you can choose your family, so pick wisely. You are who you spend the most time around.

In 2023, stop waiting to live the life you want. Understand that when the credits roll, you don’t get an encore and there is no sequel in the works. This isn’t your dress rehearsal, this is the main event. This is your one shot at being human. Take the chance now. Live your life now. Be yourself now.


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