It’s Time For You To Take Back Your Power

You’ve got this. You really do.

It’s time now. You’ve allowed yourself to feel small and helpless for far too long. There is no need to blame yourself for it because we can only function in the way that works for us in the moment. You were doing the best you could with what you had. Now, you realize that you can make the decision to stop giving away your power. Now, it stops.

Whatever it was that happened, whatever it was that forced you to take inventory of how you’re treating yourself, give it your gratitude. You’ve got a second chance now, a chance to reinvent yourself and rediscover who you are. There is so much love and light in you, dear sweet soul. Maybe you lost sight of it a long time ago. Maybe you feel as if you never understood it existed in you in the first place. But it does. It exists in each and every one of us, but many have no idea where to begin looking for it. Many are afraid to embrace it, preferring to live in comfortable complacency. Not you. A flash of light caught the corner of your eye, and you realized it was a glimpse into your own possibility. Your own potential. It’s time to stop letting all those asshole voices in your head tell you that you aren’t enough.

Now, you quiet them for good. You no longer yearn for the past, ignore the present, and fear the future. Now you look ahead into the future, embrace the present, and let the past slip away with a gentle exhalation of relief. After all, you are a powerful being, and most importantly, something magical bloomed inside your spirit that allowed you to see and celebrate yourself for all that you are.

That revelation sprang from somewhere. You wanted to change, you faced yourself, and you dedicated your heart and mind to dissolving the barriers that blocked the way to connecting with your inner light. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Overcoming the voices, the fears, the insecurities – that shit isn’t easy. The work is rigorous, and you understand that it continues on for as long as you live. The difference is that now you see what lies beyond and you believe with your entire soul that it is worth every bit of pain, grief, and trauma that you embrace along the journey.

In the end, all you have is yourself. You are not going to let yourself shrink to fit the box that the world assigns you. There is no box, no container expansive enough to hold in the strength that you own. Ignore the disbelievers, mute the noise of those who cannot handle seeing someone else heal, and walk forward into your destiny. Find your tribe. We are here waiting for you to come home.

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