It’s Time To Release The Burdens That Are No Longer Yours To Carry

It’s time to release the burdens that you didn’t have a say in. The burdens that others have passed on to you to ease some of their heaviness off. The burdens that you didn’t choose. The burdens that made your life harder because you were filled with guilt or you wanted to help out or you foolishly thought that carrying those burdens was somehow your responsibility. You thought that carrying those burdens even when you were suffering is a sign of love.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for wanting to be happy, for wanting to be secure and for wanting to be free. It’s time to stop feeling guilty not wanting to live under someone else’s control paying the price of their mistakes and their wrongdoings. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for wanting to leave someone’s darkness so you can find the light that you’ve been searching for.

It’s time to stand up for yourself. It’s time to stop trying to fulfill someone else’s desires when they are selfishly neglecting your own. It’s time to stop pleasing those who are always hurting you. It’s time to stop letting them make you feel bad for choosing yourself or for choosing a totally different life than the one they want you to keep living in. It’s time to stop apologizing for your behavior when they’re stubbornly defending their behavior knowing how much it makes you suffer.

It’s time to break the rules that you didn’t sign up for. It’s time to unsubscribe from issues that you didn’t create. It’s time to take back your power from those who only loved you when you were silent or weak or obedient. It’s time to write your own rules because at the end of the day, no one understands what makes you happy and what you truly need as much as you do and no one will fight to make your dreams come true except for you. And no one will ever come close to understanding the weight your heart had to carry before it even had the chance to breathe.

It’s time to let your heart breathe. It’s time to let your heart be light again and find happiness and love away from those trying to break it. It’s time to drop the burdens that are no longer yours to carry because only when you release them you’ll understand how much they weighed you down and how none of them belonged to you.

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