Mantras for Anxiety: Harness the Healing Power of Chanting to Ease Fear, Stress, and Depression

For anxiety:

‘This will pass’

It is very common feel as if anxious feelings will last forever. Use this mantra to remind yourself that even though you’re feeling anxious right now, there is an end in sight.

As uncomfortable and scary as it can be, anxiety attacks come and go. This reminder can be comforting and help you reach the other side.

‘One day at a time’

A sense of overwhelm can often trigger anxiety. Things like a looming to-do list or an upcoming test can bring it on. Reminding yourself that you only have to get through today can ease the pressure.

Whatever responsibilities or trials you may have to face in the future, right now you only need to get through today.

‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it’

Worrying about the future can often fuel anxiety. Instead of ruminating on what if, it can be helpful to remind yourself where you’re at in the present moment.

Usually, the present moment is much more manageable than a whole week, month, or year ahead. Start with now and go from there.

For depression:

‘I will feel good again’

Depression can sometimes feel like all the joy has gone out of the world. It can affect everything in your life.

The truth is that depressive episodes won’t last forever — there is hope. Reminding yourself of this truth may bring a sense of relief and perspective.

‘I listen to my body’

If depression has you feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed, maybe that’s OK for now.

You can remind yourself that depression has physical symptoms, and that honoring what your body is telling you can be a compassionate way to care for yourself.

‘I am not my thoughts’

One symptom of depression is negative self-talk. These critical thoughts can make it hard to look ahead and gain perspective.

Even in the middle of negative self-talk, you can choose to take space. Instead of taking all your thoughts for granted, you get to pick and choose which thoughts you validate and which you throw out.

For social anxiety:

‘It’s not about me’

Most people are far too busy thinking about themselves to be scrutinizing others. Remember, you’re likely your own worst critic.

By reminding yourself that it’s not about you, you can relieve the pressure of trying to please others and instead enjoy your time with them.

‘I’m only human’

Everybody makes mistakes. In fact, your imperfections are what make you relatable, lovable, and human.

Instead of beating yourself up when things don’t go as planned, remind yourself that you’re just as fallible as everyone else, and that’s perfectly OK.

‘I am a contribution’

You may see yourself as awkward, insecure, or not that interesting.

The likely reality is that people genuinely enjoy your company. It may be the unique perspective you bring to the table, your deadpan sense of humor, or simply your quiet, reserved presence.

By simply showing up, you’re making a contribution to whatever social circle you decide to grace with your company.

For grounding:

‘I am in my body’

When you feel ungrounded, you likely feel disconnected from your body. No matter how “in your head” you may get, you can always connect to the sensations of being alive.

Feel your breath move in and out, or your heart beating in your chest. No matter what’s going on in your head, your body can remind you where you really are.

‘I am connected to the earth’

Sometimes simply feeling your feet on the ground can be enough to ground you. You’re being supported by the earth and the gentle pressure of gravity, and you’re here to stay.

‘I am anchored like the roots of a tree’

If you want to take the feeling of your feet on the ground even further, imagine that you’re sprouting roots like a tree. Imagine these roots reaching down, down, down, and a deep sense of being anchored to the earth.

Pair with the words above to give it even more power.

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