Nothing Holds You Back More Than Taking On Other People’s Fears And Insecurities

There’s nothing holding you back from getting what you want but your own insecurities and fears. No one has the power to put you down or talk you out of something without your consent. No one can tell you that you can’t do something or discourage you from taking a risk if they know you won’t listen to them because your inner voice is stronger. People know you’re not afraid of failure and others have failed to change your mind before. 

Sometimes you need to show people that you’re not someone who is going to take no for an answer. Sometimes you just need to believe in what your gut is telling you, even if it goes against what everyone else thinks. Sometimes you just have to be okay with making mistakes or making wrong decisions because this is what builds your character and this is how you gain wisdom and confidence in yourself. The truth is, without confidence and experience, your life will be stagnant, led by the opinions and choices of others. 

Sometimes you just have to dare more and dream bigger, even if you have to face criticism or judgments from others, because if you’re always afraid of the outcome or what people may think of you, you will never truly go after what you want or what could be right for you and you will never make a big move that could change your life. Sometimes you just need to let people know you appreciate their opinions and concerns but you will do what you want either way, and most importantly, you need to stop waiting for people’s approval and validation, because when you stop seeking their approval, you become more powerful, more mindful, and more assertive in your own decisions. You take back control of your life.

Nothing holds you back more than comparing yourself to others, you only have who you were yesterday to compare yourself to. Nothing holds you back more than trusting others instead of trusting yourself. Why do you believe that people know better than you? And even if they do, you will never know what you’re capable of doing until you try and know for yourself. What makes you think that your experience won’t be different than theirs? Why are you afraid of what someone else went through? Nothing holds you back more than taking on other people’s fears and insecurities. 

And last but not least, nothing holds you back more than being too hard on yourself. The world is already too hard on you, and most people are not going to lift you up when you need it most, so you have to repeatedly do that for yourself. You cannot lose if you keep betting on yourself after every defeat. You cannot lose if you keep investing in yourself every time someone discredits you. You cannot lose if you’re no longer afraid of losing or trying again when things don’t work out for you the first time. You cannot lose if every time someone abandons you, you choose yourself without hesitation.

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