Some Opportunities Are Worth A Shot, Even If You’re Not Fully Ready

Some opportunities are worth a shot even if you’re not fully ready. Some opportunities don’t come around very often so you have to jump in with both feet when they come to you, because you will not be fully ready for certain things in life, but the price you pay for not taking a risk on these opportunities is far greater than trying, even if you’re not sure of yourself.

The truth is, you will never be ready for the big things in life, like a promotion, marriage, starting a family, or moving to another country. You will never be fully ready to leave your comfort zone because that means there will be more challenges and there’s nothing us humans dread more than starting over and going through the anxiety, the fear, and the apprehension that accompany anything novel or foreign to us.

So the only thing you can really do is to just go for it and the rest will follow. You will slowly start to get the hang of things, you will slowly adapt to the new transition, you will slowly grasp what it’s all about and it will slowly become the new norm to you. Sometimes you are ready but your insecurities or fear of failure make you feel like you’re not. You don’t want to feel like you weren’t up to the challenge or you weren’t the right person for it. You don’t want to live with the disappointment that comes after letting yourself and others down when things don’t work out the way you anticipated.

Some opportunities are actually meant for you even though you never thought about them, but it’s how God leads you to your calling or how God leads you to a new chapter in your life. You may not always connect the dots in the beginning, but after a while, you will realize that it was exactly what you needed and that it eventually led you where you belong. Sometimes you don’t even realize your own potential until you’re faced with circumstances that allow you to get over your own fears and limitations or unleash your maximum potential. Sometimes you don’t even know how good or talented you are until you’re presented with an opportunity to showcase your talents or do something different.

So while you’ll never be fully ready for everything in life, some jobs are worth relocating for or getting out of your comfort zone for. Some relationships are worth investing in and nurturing because you know it’s hard to find that kind of connection or love anywhere else. Sometimes you need to go find yourself somewhere else because being stuck in your own bubble is slowly killing you. Sometimes the opportunities you’re not ready for are exactly what you need to feel alive again, to accomplish something extraordinary, and sometimes you think you’re not ready for something but you find yourself blending in perfectly.

Sometimes you use not being ready as an excuse because you’re just scared of what might happen next, but even if you’re not ready, if you want something, you deserve to at least try, because you deserve to have everything you want in life and you have to believe that somehow you can make them happen against all odds. 

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