Sometimes You Have To Heal Without Closure

Sometimes the person you would have done anything for will walk away without a word. Sometimes you will get ghosted by your almost relationship when you thought everything was going well. Sometimes you will be broken up with in cliches (it’s not you it’s me or we’re better off as friends) and won’t be given any real explanation about why it happened.

Sometimes you will be confused about why you are alone again. Sometimes you won’t be able to figure out what you did wrong. Sometimes you will stay up late, trying to pinpoint the exact moment when the other person decided you were no longer enough.

Sometimes you will do whatever it takes to get closure. Sometimes you will stalk the other person’s social media, looking for hints about why they left. Sometimes you will send texts that go unanswered. Sometimes you will ask questions that are dodged. Sometimes you will feel completely lost, because you have no idea why your heart was trampled on.

Sometimes you will pick yourself apart, trying to decide which one of your flaws convinced them to bail. Sometimes you will over analyze all of the insignificant things you have said and done in the past. Sometimes you will start hating yourself, because it’s easier than hating them.

Sometimes you won’t get the answers your need. Sometimes you won’t get the closure you need.

Sometimes you will need to start your healing process, even though you feel like you are not ready. Even though there are still so many things you are unsure about.

Sometimes you will have to find a way to silence the voice in your head that keeps replaying past moments over and over again. Sometimes you will have to accept the fact that you will never know the real reason why they left you behind.

Sometimes your ex isn’t going to sit you down and have an emotional talk with you about why they can’t stay for any longer. Sometimes they aren’t going to care about how much leaving without a word will screw with you. Sometimes they will cause you trust issues and abandonment issues without feeling guilty about it. Sometimes they will cut you out of their world to avoid confrontation. Sometimes they will only care about themselves.

Sometimes you have to stop looking for answers. Sometimes you end up hurting yourself more by clinging onto your questions. Sometimes you have to stop wondering where it all went wrong with your ex, because they are in your past and that is where they belong. That is where they are going to stay.

Sometimes you will have to move on from your last love, even when it feels like that is impossible. Sometimes you will have to accept that you were betrayed by someone you never expected to hurt you. Sometimes acceptance is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Sometimes you aren’t lucky enough to get closure. Sometimes you are going to have to push through the pain, even though your loudest questions remained unanswered.

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