Here’s To The Ones Who Set Their Own Course

Here’s to the ones who set their own course.

They are the dreamers, the changers, and the movers and shakers. They hold stardust in their bones and magic in their veins, and they see the world for its beauty and all that can be. When they have a vision, a dream, a goal, and an idea, they move heaven and earth to make it a reality. They have no care or concern for what the naysayers whisper and shout, for they believe in possibility.

Here’s to the ones who set their own course.

They are the ones who see a closed door and do not fret, for they know that they can open a window or find an entirely new door. They do not stress about the roadblocks that come up throughout their journey, for they will walk barefoot along the road for miles upon miles if it means that such a trip will bring them closer to their goal.

Here’s to the ones who set their own course.

They are the ones who do not buy into the notion that life milestones must be on a timeline. They know that sometimes plans go awry and dream change and that it’s never too late to go after what you want.

Here’s to the ones who set their own course.

They know that the dreams that they try to make come true must be the ones that come from within themselves. They know that advice will come solicited and not—and that even when it comes from the most well-meaning folks, it’s not their job to live out the dreams that others have dreamt for them.

Here’s to the ones who set their own course—they are the ones who inspire us to step more fully into the person that we were born to be each and every day.

A Short List Of Things To Make Room For

Make room for growth.

Let yourself stretch beyond your limits. Let your dreams dance beyond what you can see, touch, hear, taste, and hold. Let yourself grow into your body as it shifts and changes, and let yourself step into the new thoughts and wants and needs that will visit your mind and soul.

Make room for knowledge.

Nobody knows everything. Nobody has it all figured out. Nobody has all the answers to life’s problems, nor do they hold the secret ingredient to life’s success. 

Make room for possibility.

You wouldn’t read the last page of a book before you read the first chapter, so the same should be applied to your life as well. Resist the urge to try and figure out your endgame and your next steps so much so that you’re ignoring the beauty of the present. Let the experiences you have delight you. Let the people you meet surprise you. Let yourself bask in the tiny and more significant surprises that each day can bring. Plans are a wonderful thing, but sometimes, it’s essential to make room for possibility and the joy it brings.

Make room for joy.

If you stop your hustle, your grind, and your “busy” for a moment, you’ll see the little pockets of joy that are peppered throughout your day. You’ll see that there is a simple joy to be found in watching the beauty of a sunrise, the warmth and taste of your morning coffee, and the quiet of a rainy day. You’ll see that there is joy in laughter, stillness, and the mundane moments of a Monday. Joy isn’t just reserved for the exuberant, buoyant moments of life—but it’s there in the smaller moments that we overlook, too. 

Make room for love.

Let yourself love deeply. Let yourself be unabashed in the love you have for the ones who know the corners of your heart. Let yourself shout the love that you hold in your heart, whether it be for people or art or the gratitude for the breath within your lungs from the rooftops. There is always room for love if you are willing to let it flourish and grow.

I Still Believe In Beauty After Experiencing So Much Pain

It’s not easy for me to trust someone after being betrayed before. It’s not easy for me to believe someone is going to stay after being abandoned before. It’s not easy for me to love after being heartbroken before.

Despite all of the hardships I have suffered through, I am not going to allow the pain of my past to negatively impact my future. I am not going to let fear overshadow my desire to enter a loving, committed relationship. I am not going to hover inside of my comfort zone when I am unhappy and isolated there.

I am going to take a risk by letting myself love again, because staying at home and stewing in my loneliness is a different kind of risk. One that I am unwilling to take.

It has been hard for me to let my guard down when there is a piece of my mind warning me that I am better off alone, but I cannot live my life expecting to get hurt. I cannot let my skepticism overrule my faith that I will someday find my soulmate.

I still believe people are capable of keeping their promises even though I have seen them broken a million times. I still believe people are capable of good things even though I have witnessed so many bad things in the past.

History does not have to repeat itself. Falling in love is not necessarily going to lead to heartbreak. There is always a chance it will lead toward my final happily ever after. I cannot give up hope of finding my person. I won’t let myself become cold and bitter because my love story has taken longer to unfold than I would have liked.

I am going to keep searching for someone who understands me. I am going to keep opening my heart up to others. I am going to keep putting myself out there even on the days when it feels pointless to try.

I am not naturally trusting. My first instinct is to look for lies hidden in stories, to keep my eyes open for red flags and warning signs. When I enter a relationship, it’s not easy for me to take the other person’s words at face value. I am choosing to trust the other person. I am making a daily decision to think positive even though it’s so much easier to let negativity prevail.

I don’t want to be the kind of person who focuses on the worst in others, who never gives anyone a chance, who assumes the world is a horrible place filled with heartless souls. I want to be the kind of person who sees the beauty in others, who takes a chance on love, who refuses to let the past interfere with the future.

I have been hurt before but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get hurt again. I have to keep telling myself that.

God, I’m Surrendering To You All The Things That I Can’t Control

I am always worried. I overthink situations in my head, even those that have not happened yet. I look so far ahead of me. Sometimes, I wish I can fast-forward my life to the day when my story is better, and when my world is bigger.

Somehow I am more focused in looking at the things that I don’t have instead of appreciating the things that I have. I compare my journey to someone else’s journey, while neglecting the truth that I have a different route in life to take. I keep thinking that I’m behind. I keep choosing to be blind to notice the blessings You’ve been showering me with. I keep forgetting to let go.

Because the truth is, I allow myself to believe that I have so much control in my life. I can arrive to my destination by myself. I have the power to make a difference using my own decision, my own voice, my own ability.

I have been doing everything on my own. And honestly, I’m tired.

I’m tired of relying solely on my own. I’m tired of constantly proving myself to the world. I’m tired of pretending I never have moments of weakness. I am tired of being the captain of my boat.

And I am here to surrender to You.

I’m offering You my life, my desire, my wishes, and my dreams. I’m letting You take over, day and night. Because God, You know better. You know what’s right for me.

I’m giving You my heart because You are the only one who can take care of it, protect it, and nurture it. You can wrap it with Your love until it stops beating with confusion. And I know that in Your loving fingers, I am assured that my heart will not be broken. It will always be complete. It will always stay calm.

I’m giving up trying to act like I know what I’m doing, and I know where I’m going. It is only You who has a better understanding of my life. And I promise to keep my trust in You. I promise to always make my faith in You stronger, even on the days that I forget to let You steer my direction based on Your purpose.

I will try to stop worrying so much about the things that I can’t control. I will no longer attempt to find answers to all questions. I will never doubt You when I’m in the middle of my struggles. Instead, I will let my life unfold according to Your plans.

I will follow You wherever You want me to go. I will rest my head on Your shoulder when things get rough and remind myself that beside you — I will always be safe. With You, I will always be loved, guided, understood, wanted. In Your presence, nothing can go wrong.

And even if I don’t see You with my own eyes, I can feel You in my soul, in my heart. I know that You’re near me, ready to protect me, forever willing to save me. You’re quick to lend me Your ears when nobody wants to hear me. You’re there to calm me when everything in my life is spinning out of control. You’re there to catch me when I fall.

My life makes so much sense when I stop fighting against the waves, when I let You row my boat, when You stand beside me as I watch the sun swallowed by the dark sky.

I’m at peace every time I give myself the permission to trust the unknown. I fall in love with my life more when I remember Your words, Your promises, Your unfading love.

And I get less scared when I tighten my grip to Your hand, knowing that Someone fights for me, regardless if I’m strong or weak.