How To Feel At Peace When Your Life Feels Chaotic

There are moments in life where you’ll feel as if you can’t find peace.

You feel anxious, as if nothing is working. You wonder if the thing you’re working for is worth it. You sometimes don’t realize you’re forcing actions as you do things that are unconsciously out of alignment. And in those times, feeling at peace is so far out of your mind.

When you catch yourself in those moments, know that you have access to the feeling of peacefulness.

Here are some things you can do to feel at peace when your life feels chaotic.

You need to address what’s going on in your life.

This is easier said than done. But many of us tend to avoid the problems we face. We go to jobs that we hate, hoping that they will get better “at some point.” We stay in relationships we aren’t sure of because it feels comfortable. But deep down, we know that something needs to be changed. Look at the problem and dig deep. There’s peace in the act of solving problems. 

You need to surrender to the unknown.

It’s one of the most challenging things humans experience. From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense to be fearful. Fear helped us avoid death traps, like eating some poisonous berries. But in today’s age, being fearful doesn’t have the exact protective mechanism. On the contrary, it keeps us stuck from the other side, where all our hopes and dreams can come true. The ironic thing is that when you surrender to the unknown, that’s when the feeling of peace comes to you.

You need to let go of certain expectations.

Most of our disappointments come from the ridiculously high expectations we experience in life. That is, we believe that only certain things will make us happy. We think that having that job or traveling to the place you saw on social media is what will make you happy. We don’t realize that the expectation of that event is what makes us happy and excited at the moment. Letting go of certain expectations helps you accept realities for what they are. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, just what is. When you finally realize that, a wave of peace will trickle down to you.

You need to understand that your reality is a reflection of your headspace.

When life feels chaotic, slow down and look at what’s going inside your head. If you aren’t at peace, look for the smallest ways to shift that feeling. It doesn’t have to be grand. Maybe it’s going for a walk, reading a book, or taking a bubble bath. And then reassess how you feel later. Once you understand that our thoughts affect our reality, the peacefulness you crave naturally presents itself.

You need to zoom out of your life.

Most people live in their heads, worrying about what everyone else thinks of them. Every once in a while, stop and zoom out. Stare at the window, ground yourself to the present, and pay attention to your surroundings. Once you pay attention, you see people walking by, you hear the conversations of the people around you, and at that moment, you realize that you’re okay and you got everything you need in your life.

Sometimes We Just Have To Ignore Things So We Can Live Peacefully  

We have to ignore our insecurities.

We have to ignore the apocalyptic voices in our head that take us to hell instead of heaven. We have to ignore the way they frighten us and the way they belittle us to believe that we’re not good enough. We have to try to shove them aside when they attack us and we have to trust ourselves more even if we’re unsure of ourselves. We have to ignore our uncertainty and just keep moving.

We have to ignore the critics.

We have to ignore their opinions and their advice, we have to ignore their rules and their limitations and we have to ignore the toxic words they use to describe us and the poisonous arguments they feed us about why we shouldn’t do this or why we shouldn’t follow that. We have to ignore their experiences because it is not our own and we have to ignore their excuses because that’s how they justify living their lives and we need to find our own justifications.

We have to ignore those who left us behind.

We have to ignore their promises, the plans we made for the future, the secrets they shared with us and the way they looked at us. We have to ignore these enchanting moments because they’re no longer happening. They chose to take it all back and we have no other choice but to leave them behind too, because fighting for them might not bring them back and even if it did, they will run away again. We have to ignore those who didn’t appreciate us and we have to ignore the way they made us feel about ourselves.

We have to ignore some of our questions.

We have to ignore the dreadful questions we ask ourselves every night: ‘Why me? When will I be happy? What do I want? Why am I still here?’

Sometimes we have to ignore these tantalizing questions and trust that in time we will find the answers and that the answers may not always be what we wanted.

It’s hard to ignore the things that bother us but it’s also harder to live with all these burdens, they weigh us down if we pay too much attention to them.

We’re always faced with two choices; either we carry those burdens with us until they kill us or ignore them so we can live. 

Give Yourself Time To Sit In Silence

When was the last time you sat down in the discomfort of your silence? When was the last time you fell in love with your spirit? Not the spirit of another, but your own worthy energy. Your heart isn’t just a heart. Your heart is the source connecting you to everything here on earth. 

When you’re disconnected to you, you’re disconnected to everything. It creates a blockage to energy and energy connects us all to all of life. Energy is God. Energy is Love. When you feel this blockage arise and it’s really uncomfortable to sit alone, begin with where you’re at. 

Release judgment against yourself. “I do not judge you for thinking anything that you think.” Feelings and thoughts are just feelings and thoughts. The more time you sit in the discomfort of silence, the more comfortable silence becomes. Silence is always a reliable comfort. 

Your heart is always a reliable comfort. Humans are unreliable. Within you is where you should always begin. We must make the effort to sit alone, because alone is where we discover the depths of us. 

So when life feels lonely, sit alone. Even if it doesn’t feel lonely, sit alone. When sitting alone feels uncomfortable, move if you have to, but then go back. You must learn to rely on what’s within. It must be a practice.

It’s normal to become frustrated. Again, release judgment. You’ll begin to find your rhythm, your stillness, your creativity. Your rhythm will come and go. 

If you feel like inspiration is distant, be patient. Sometimes your brain needs a break. Inspiration will show up when you’re ready. 

Your spirit is always looking out for you and you are a spirit this world needs to experience. May you find patience through your process. Your process is yours to experience. Experience it.