The Person You Are Searching For Has Been There All Along

If you are searching for:

1. A relationship to bring you happiness

2. A companion to dispel your insecurities and make you feel whole again 

3. A mentor to present innovative solutions to your business problems

4. A partner to treasure every inch of you, every single day, and tell you you are pretty, funny, kind, and the best

5. A college counsellor to tell you exactly how to get into your dream program

6. A friend to console you in your loneliness, motivate you in your career, and help you see yourself in a new light

7. A mother or father figure to fill in the gaps missing from your childhood

I encourage you to halt your search and start searching within, because until you give yourself all these things you seek in others, you will never be able to find them in others. 

You will never be able to fully support another human being so long as you cannot take care of and love yourself

This entire time, you have been digging for more and more in others while neglecting to dig into yourself. You have been feeling let down when you are excluded from plans and worrying about what they are doing behind your back. You have been begging for another person’s attention, love, and approval while doing cartwheels to make them stay. And you have been blaming yourself for every misfortune in your life instead of considering the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you are a good person. A great person, in fact. 

A great person who is wasting all her valuable time and energy looking for validation in others instead of looking for that same validation within herself. Instead of allowing herself to be that someone she is so insistent on finding. 

She already exists deep within you. Now, it is your duty to quit rummaging for more and to start locating her. 

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