The Surrender Project: The Diaries Of A Recovering ‘Human Doing’

I am so excited (and to be honest a tad nervous) to share with you a personal project I’ve been working on…

The Surrender Project: The Diaries Of A Recovering ‘Human Doing’

The Surrender Project is a project I’ve birthed for all the women in today’s day and age who are thinking…but are too afraid to share or to say out loud.

It’s real and it’s raw.

I honestly do not know know where we are going to end up…

I guess that’s the point though, right?

Surrendering Control.

Come along for the journey if you would love to see and hear about my learning’s and findings in surrendering to help you slow down too and start being a human ‘being’ instead of a human constantly ‘doing’.

Anything Goes.

Knowing that the magic happens outside of our comfort zones.

I’ve decided to truly lean in, grow, evolve and with that something exciting is about to happen.

But I am going to be truly transparent with you all and tell you that i am honestly petrified to be vulnerable. Truly scared of judgement.

Though I am feeling scared to lean into my true self, I am walking my talk, trusting my intuition and taking inspired action (even when it feels scary to).

Be warned: considering these are ‘diary entries’ they are probably what a lot of women are thinking but not saying out loud.

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