This Year, I Hope You Remember That You Matter

A new year is a right time for making wishes because it’s like the very first page of a new book. So, I won’t wish for you to find love or to make more money. I won’t wish for you to find a new job, pursue your master’s degree, or get married, because maybe those things won’t make you feel fulfilled. I won’t wish you all the happiness in the world either, because sadness can be beautiful too. 

For this next year and years ahead, I wish for you to feel alive. 

I hope this year, you will start to see yourself as a gift. I hope you will stop blaming yourself for the way you feel things deeply. I hope you will welcome every emotion that comes along instead of denying it. You were born to feel, to grow empathy and love from within, and to be the example of someone who was born with a big heart and humility. You are not a burden. You are not a set of mistakes. You are not broken. You are a collection of stories, lessons, and limitless wisdom. You are always a work of art even when you see yourself as a work in progress. You are not flawless, but you are still worthy of receiving genuine love from others. Allow yourself to let go of the perfection that you seek. You are allowed to try and fail. To fall and to rise again. To start and end things as you wish. To grieve and to live with the pain. To outgrow people and build new connections. To outgrow yourself and build the new you.

I hope you will start to live your life based on what you want and need. Instead of seeking people’s approval and validation, try to seek new experiences that you will cherish forever. Stop saying “yes” to the things you don’t want to do because you are allowed to reject and disagree. You are allowed to speak your mind and to believe in what you say. You are allowed to be heard. You are allowed to be bold and to go against the mainstream. Allow yourself to learn beyond what you’ve been taught in school. Discuss the taboo things and listen to countless opinions from the people around you. Enrich your mind with different people’s backgrounds and values. Remember your core beliefs, yet understand that you are allowed to change your mind and shift your perspective anytime. Don’t ever settle for just one way of seeing things. You are allowed to explore as many ideas as you possibly can.  

This year, allow yourself to put down that heavy burden of people’s expectations from your shoulders. Allow yourself to live. Allow yourself to breathe deeply. To surrender and trust whatever life has to offer. I hope you will understand that there will be many things that are beyond your control and believe that it’s okay if things fall apart sometimes. You’re not supposed to figure out everything overnight. Life is supposed to be confusing, and it’s not a puzzle to solve. It’s okay if you can’t understand everything, because sometimes things just don’t make sense. I hope this year, you allow yourself to let things be. I hope you’ll understand and always know the right time to start or to stop. To stay or to leave. To make efforts or to let go. I hope that this year, you’ll understand how to set boundaries with people and things. 

And most of all, I hope that this year, you’ll allow yourself to live. To sing like nobody’s listening. To dance in the middle of the crowd shamelessly. To ask questions and seek help courageously. To heal and to start understanding yourself deeply. To feel every emotion and to cry out of joy and sorrow. To be confused and have mixed feelings. To take new chances and to let yourself learn new things. To rest your body and mind without guilt. To chase your dream no matter how impossible it is. I hope that this year, you’ll understand what truly matters to you. I hope you won’t waste your time loving someone who doesn’t understand how to love you properly. I hope you won’t feel small in front of anyone. I hope you won’t stay in a place where you don’t feel like you belong. I hope you’ll find the courage to move on. To start anew. Stop defining your future by your past. To fully embrace your potential and to set an intention that you’ll take care of yourself properly this time. I hope that this year, you’ll understand what it feels like to be fully human. 

For the next years ahead, please always remember that you are allowed to be here. You are allowed to love and be loved. You are here to connect, exchange stories, support, and leave a legacy of your kindness behind. Never see yourself as someone useless. You are here for a reason because, after all this time, your existence matters. You matter.

My wish is that this year, you will always find hope no matter how dark the world will be. 

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