When You Step Into Your Power, Anything Is Possible

Sometimes it takes getting away to realize how unhappy you’ve been in a place. Sometimes it takes a nurturing, supportive work environment to realize that you’ve never felt valued in a job up until now. Sometimes it takes a partner who unconditionally sees and understands you to realize that you’ve never been truly loved before.

You can’t know what you are missing when you haven’t experienced it yet. Even if you have heard that it’s possible from others or know it can be true theoretically, you won’t always trust something unless it happens to you personally. Your body and nervous system need to experience it for themselves.

It can be difficult to hold on to the faith that you deserve more than you’ve yet received. It’s so tough to believe in what feels impossible. That dream city, perfect job, fulfilling relationship—are they really out there? 

Yes, they are, but you can’t just sit back and hope they show up. You have to trust that you deserve what you want and take action to move towards it. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself, well, it’s tough to get where the universe is trying to send you. This doesn’t mean that you’re hopeless if you suffer from insecurity and fear. Everyone does! Awareness of what’s holding you back is the first step. The second is actively working towards remedying those problems. 

Brené Brown has said that learning to love yourself is the hardest thing you will ever do, and she’s right. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You are capable of infinitely more than you believe yourself to be. The journey may be a difficult one, and you may often feel lost on your way. Don’t give up — often the darkest times come just before a meaningful breakthrough. Think of that stuck feeling not as a reason to stop, but instead a reason to push forward. You’ve almost reached that deep realization you’re seeking. 

Committing to the inner work of self-love and trust is integral. Developing those traits within yourself allows you to then believe that anything is possible. It gives you the confidence and strength to know that you deserve your perfect home, location, career, and relationships. Whatever it is that you want, it’s all there waiting for you to step into your own power and claim it. 

If you are not happy where you are, trust that there is something more out there for you. Listen to your intuition — it doesn’t lie. When it tells you that you aren’t living in your highest potential, it’s on you to make the leap into a loftier stratosphere. 

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