You Won’t Always Feel Motivated, But You’re On The Right Track

You’re not always going to feel like pushing forward. You might not even see a reason to. You’re constantly asking yourself, “What’s the point of this?” You’re living on empty. You smile, you laugh, you lend a sympathetic ear to others, but on the inside, you’re dead. Each day, you look for tiny indicators that you’re on the right path, that you should keep going. Your heart’s not into your own life.

Sometimes you have to go through the storm to see the process unfold in front of you. Life isn’t only about motivation, but about faith, trust, and evaluating outcomes. You won’t always feel inspired, but you’re on the right track. You’ll know because you learn lessons that will make you a better person if you allow them, regardless of the outcome.

You get stuck when you allow those lessons to overshadow your entire life and drag you into the past instead of gathering the pieces and forging the way forward. It’s about recognizing that you’re not always going to feel burning passion. Nobody talks about how boring life can be, especially when it’s coming together just after falling apart. Nobody talks about how routine life can feel, especially when there’s nothing wrong, especially when you’re taking all the right steps, yet change is excruciatingly slow.

You won’t always feel motivated, but you’re on the right track. You won’t always have the right answers, but if you ask, you’ll receive guidance along the way. You won’t always have joyful days, but this isn’t an indication you should quit.

Look at everything you’ve survived so far. Consider all the times you thought you wouldn’t make it yet managed to pull through. I know you’re tired of barely scraping by. You want to reach a point where you can rest and feel at ease, safe, and secure. You do not have to wait for some far-off distant dream to accomplish this. Instead, move towards the pockets of ease that are already evident in your life. If you cannot find them, you are moving too fast. Slow down. They show up in the most insignificant ways. A knowing smile, the way plants bend towards the sunlight, sinking into your bed. Rest. Find comfort there until you can believe in a better life. You won’t always feel motivated, but you’re on the right track.

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