Your Shadows Are Your Strength, Not Your Enemy

No matter where we go, our shadows follow us. On the other hand, so does our light.

Can we dispel this notion that shadows are despicable? We all have them, so why do we degrade them so? They’re a simple element of our humanity. Yet still, with all our intelligence, we attempt to suppress that which we deem imperfect and unworthy of esteem. 

What if the only issue when it comes to our shadows is our perspective of them? 

What if instead of our light, someone long ago decided that the shadows were what should be found notable? Perspectives change. Attitudes change. Realities change. Everything in this world is subjective. 

I propose, then, that we quit maligning our shadows and begin embracing them. 

Everything is energy, and as such, our shadows are simply a manifestation of our stuck or blocked energy. A shadow is a tool—in actuality, a corner of intrigue on the path, an insight to what we need to examine more closely in order to free ourselves. The shadow itself is the light. 

Instead of constantly trying to conceal our shadows, we must declare them proudly. Perhaps if we do so, everyone will feel less lonely. Perhaps we can all stop bearing these false burdens of shame, guilt and fear alone. Perhaps we can release them together in the undeniable knowledge that we have more similarities than we tend to believe. 

When we stride directly into our shadows, holding them up to the light, then we begin to liberate our souls. When we hold ourselves in unconditional grace and compassion, we find true love. Love with no rules or limits. If we can find the courage to stand brazenly in our full truths, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. We accept ourselves, and that is all that matters. Once we break through this barrier, we start to see that when we love ourselves, others love us even more.

There is no inherent good and bad in the human condition. There is only what is. We shape whatever already exists with our perceptions, colored by so many elements beyond our control. If we are to be happy, we cannot deign to judge others. We also cannot afford to allow the judgments of others to influence how we ourselves live. There is no truth in such a life.

We must uplift ourselves into a reality with expansive space. Space for each of us to live as who we are, in all entirety. Space for both the light and the dark, the shadow and the sunshine. We deserve this for ourselves. We deserve this for each other. 

Hiding our darkness away keeps it in the dark. Bringing it out allows the light to transmute it. When we create safety and acceptance, we create space for all parts of ourselves. We create space for each other. Nothing is more beautiful. How do we begin? By accepting all parts of ourselves first and setting the example. If we become a safe space for ourselves, we are in turn a safe space for those around us. This security expands with each and every one of us who steps up and decides to no longer hide. 

I have a vision for a world where we no longer feel the need to deny any part of ourselves. I have a vision for a world where nothing is seen as dark or light, but simply what is. A world where we are free to express all of who we are, in complete safety. We can move into compassion, acceptance, and understanding. It can be so, if we only begin. 

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